Applied Avionics is strategically focused on industrial technology, aerospace and the design, manufacture and testing of products that their customers demand and their employees can be proud of.


The company is committed to providing superior human-machine interface and system-to-system interface products backed by exceptional customer experience.


The leadership of the company brings with it a diversified background of skills and experience dedicated for over fifty years to building relationships with our customers and responding to their needs with innovative, robust and reliable solutions.


VIVISUN Switches and Indicators are the preferred choice of leading OEM aircraft manufacturers and military services worldwide.


Our products offer life of the platform reliability and are backed by the industry’s best delivery time and first class customer service.


The high level of our manufacturing and testing processes have defined the VIVISUN brand for over 40 years and continues to ensure product reliability in the most demanding aviation and military applications.


VIVISUN products include:

  • Lighted Pushbutton Switches.
  • Programmable Display Switch
vivisunIndustrial technology vivisun

NEXSYS is the newest product line from Applied Avionics. NEXSYS products are focused on providing avionic system interface solutions.

In addition to being able to incorporate NEXSYS components internally in a VIVISUN illuminated switch or indicator body, NEXSYS Component Technology can provide robust behind-the panel interface capabilities via a NEXSYS Module, providing substantial design customization opportunities.

NEXSYS products include:

  • NEXSYS Component Technology
  • NEXSYS Modules
  • Signal Converter


Both the NEXSYS and VIVISUN brands are supported by Applied Avionics’ demonstrated commitment to high reliability, unparalleled customer service, and on-time delivery.

Industrial technology nexsys


Global leader in motion-control solutions

MTI Motion designs and creates customized motion-control solutions for the world’s most demanding applications in numerous industries, including commercial aerospace, military defense, industrial technology, oil and gas, and transportation.


Founded in 1946, MTI Motion has grown through the years to become a trusted global partner for innovative design engineering and the anufacturing of custom, precision motion-control products and solutions, including high-performance motors, drives and controllers, as well as windings, gears and ball screws.

ABS Technics

ABS Technics designs and produces microwave absorber materials for a broad range of applications often used in the industrial tecnology.


Absorber materials are available based on different materials such as urethane and silicone elastomers, foams, thermoplastics and other specific materials which are modified to obtain microwave absorption properties.


ABS Technics is specialized in advanced microwave absorber materials and customized solutions we have a long experience in all areas from high tolerance parts in millimeter wave applications up to harsh environments such as naval applications.


NeoGraf Solutions, LLC, a world leader in graphite materials science, has been manufacturing carbon and graphite products for over 140 years in Lakewood, Ohio.


Today, the company’s high-performance products are used in a variety of demanding applications in a diverse array of industries often used in the industrial tecnology.


NeoGraf specializes in development and manufacture of high quality natural and synthetic graphite sheets and powders used in the latest consumer electronic devices, building and construction materials, transportation, and sealing and gasketing.


With internal research, development, and manufacturing capabilities, NeoGraf provides high quality products, environmentally sustainable solutions, and new opportunities for our customers.


Getelec, an independent French company with unique expertise, has become a worldclass specialist in elastomer formulations and a trusted partner of high-profile customers in many industrial tecnology sectors.


For over 50 years, Getelec has designed and manufactured customized solutions for technical sealing, electromagnetic protection, microwave absorption and heat dissipation.


Getelec’s products are ideal for protecting high-tech equipment placed under conditions of severe environmental stress.


Getelec offers unique solutions adapted to your needs by proposing a range of products specifically developed to meet the requirements of standards MIL G 83528, MIL STD 285 and GAM EG-13.


Combining over 50 years of experience in EMC shielding, thermal dissipation and environmental sealing solutions, our products’ performance and technological advancements have earned us a strong reputation in the defence industry.